How To Use

Software for splitting Oversized PST file

In Microsoft Outlook 2002 and lower version the file size is restricted to 2 GB whereas in Microsoft Outlook 2003 and the upper version has a file size of more than 20 GB.


The Outlook PST file keeps all the outlook related files like emails, calender, task, note, contacts and many more. But when the file size increases more then 2 GB in MS Outlook 2002 and the lower version then it creates lots many problem in accessing the PST file. So to access the PST file you need to split the Oversized PST file in smaller-sized PST file.

To do you are recommended to use Outlook PST Splitter Tool. This tool can split the Oversized PST file into smaller PST file. After splitting of these PST file it can be easily used with the Microsoft outlook and can retrieve all the data.

As it is known that Microsoft doesn't provide any splitter tool for splitting the PST file. So you should use Microsoft PST Splitter Tool. It easily breaks the large PST file into smaller one. If you want to combine the file later then you can also do the same. So you must download the most effective splitter tool available in the market.

Microsoft PST Splitter Tool is also capable of splitting all the corrupted or damaged PST files. It is compatible with all the Windows Operating system. It supports various Microsoft Outlook version like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Download the software and split your large PST file into smaller one.